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Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in STEM: Professional Development for 21st Century Educational Success


Many leaders grapple with how to use evidence-based, culturally responsive pedagogical strategies to teach and inspire diverse learners. In the Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in STEM Virtual Summit, K12 educators will be introduced to historical contexts and the theoretical framework of culturally responsive teaching (Ladson- Billings, 1995, 2004; Gay, 2000; Irvine, 2001) that serves as a foundation for successful, asset-based approaches to working with all students. The virtual summit will begin with an inspirational message from the award-winning mentor, inventor, internationally renowned speaker, author, and STEM entrepreneur, Dr. Calvin Mackie. Dr. Mackie will provide an energized motivational presentation on the importance of cultural competency in mentoring. Teachers will have opportunities to participate in hands-on interactive sessions with polling questions and chat sessions to reflect on their instructional practices in relation to CRP actively. Participants will also hear from noted scholars who teach at research-intensive universities; each scholar will discuss how implementing culturally responsive teaching strategies have fostered the continuity of intergenerational teaching amongst African American educators (Faison, 2016). Participants will learn how STEM teachers use student-driven models that embed Ladson-Billings’ three main components of academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness into their instructional practice to promote STEM for all students (Gilchrist, 2016). Finally, K12 teachers will hear other educators describe their efforts to rethink culturally responsive pedagogy, as suggested by Ladson-Billings, to address the culture of STEM education for increased inclusivity.


Since the CRP Virtual Summit sessions end just before the traditional lunch hour, we will randomly select two participants per day to win an online gift certificate of $25 for lunch. The link to the gift certificate will be emailed at the end of each summit day. Additional engagement activities will be built into the virtual summit to sustain participation over five two-hour days.

Note: When you register for one event, the registration system will register you for all dates, You will receive an email reminder two days before the virtual summit and again two hours before the summit.